Emergency Notifications

The Department of Public Safety manages the University's Emergency Notification System. E-mail alerts may be issued as necessary, although the primary emergency notification method is via text message. Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to register online to receive real-time notifications of emergency events. Registration is simple and convenient.

Text message alerts will only be used in rare cases where ongoing events pose an immediate threat or have a significant impact. Possible scenarios include severe weather conditions, emergency campus closures, crimes in progress that may endanger the community, and major transit interruptions.

Text Message Notification: For Students

Columbia and Barnard students can easily register for Text Message Notifications. Simply log in to Student Services Online, click on "Text Message Enrollment," and add your cell phone number.

Text Message Notification: For Faculty and Staff

To register for text message notifications, please follow the step by step instructions below:

  • Log in with your UNI and password at my.columbia.edu.
  • Select "Faculty & Staff" at the top of the page.
  • Click "View or Update Your Personal Information." (Duo multi-factor authentication required)
  • Select "Contact Details."
  • Click the "+" under "Phone."
  • Select "Campus Alert 1" from the drop-down menu under "Type."
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Click "Save."
  • To receive emergency notifications on additional mobile phones, you may follow the above instructions for "Campus Alert 2" and "Campus Alert 3," for a total of three.

Keep in mind, only numbers listed under the three "Campus Alert" fields will receive emergency text messages, "Mobile" and "CU Mobile" will not.