Guard Booth Locations

The Department of Public Safety has 24-hour guard booths located around Columbia’s campuses that are great resources for information, needing assistance, reporting a crime / suspicious activity, or a hazardous condition. While walking in the Morningside, Manhattanville, and Medical Center communities, familiarize yourself with these locations. 

Morningside Campus

  • Broadway and West 116 Street
  • Amsterdam Ave and West 116 Street
  • Amsterdam Ave and West 119 Street
  • West 120th, Street off of Broadway
  • Morningside Drive and West 116 Street
  • Morningside Drive and West 121 Street
  • Front of 547 Riverside Drive

Manhattanville Campus

  • Front of 560 Riverside Drive
  • West 130 Street by Jerome Greene Loading Dock  
  • West 130 Street by Geffen Hall

Medical Campus

  • Front of 722 west 168 Haven Plaza (24 hrs)
  • West 168 Street and Ft. Washington Ave
  • Black Building Loading Dock, Ft. Washington Ave and West 168 Street