Report a Crime

Morningside Campus Emergency:

  • On-campus  x4-5555
  • Off-campus 212-854-5555

Manhattanville Campus Emergency:

  • On campus  x3-3333
  • Off campus 212-853-3333

Medical Center Campus Emergency:

  • 212-305-7979

If you have an emergency, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Reporting All Criminal Incidents

We encourage all students, employees, and guests to report criminal incidents, accidents, and other emergencies promptly to the Department of Public Safety's Operations Centers at the Morningside Campus or the Medical Center. Incidents may be reported by telephone at the above listed numbers, or in person at either campus' Public Safety office. Incidents can also be reported directly to any uniformed Public Safety Officer.

Reporting a Bias (Hate) Crime or Incident of Bias

An individual who believes that he or she may have been the victim of a hate crime or may have witnessed a hate crime, should contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.

When Public Safety receives a report of a hate crime, an investigator will interview witnesses, collect evidence, and make any and all notifications. Depending on the seriousness of the matter, the Department of Public Safety may refer the matter immediately to the New York City Police Department, may conduct an investigation, or may refer the matter to the appropriate dean or supervisor for Dean's Discipline or other action.

There are times when an individual may believe that he or she has been the victim of or witnessed an act of bias, but there has been no apparent crime committed. In those incidents, victims or witnesses may contact the Department of Public Safety, the University's Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, or the University's Ombuds Office.

Please see the link below for the full University Policy and a list of available resources.
Columbia University Policy on the Response to Incidents of Bias