Crime Prevention

Columbia's Department of Public Safety stresses the importance of crime prevention. A key member of our team is a full-time crime prevention specialist who coordinates and administers several important programs available to all members of the Columbia Community. Crime prevention lectures on personal safety and the safeguarding of property are presented to campus organizations and University groups. During orientation week, we offer crime prevention information to incoming students.

Throughout the year, the Public Safety Operations Center offers literature on crime prevention. Safety and security information and training are continuously provided to students, staff, and faculty through bulletins, crime alerts, and a free monthly newsletter. Useful tips on crime prevention are available from Columbia's Crime Prevention Unit via informal lectures that can be scheduled for any size group and through the dissemination of information packets on personal and residential safety.

For more information, please click on a link on the left or contact Ricardo Morales, Assistant Director of Crime Prevention Programs, at 212-854-8513.

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