Columbia University EMS

Columbia University EMS (CU EMS) is a New York State certified, free, and confidential student-operated volunteer ambulance corps serving Columbia University's Morningside Campus and its environs dispatched by the Public Safety Department. 

Available for students, faculty, and staff, CUEMS provides basic life-support, prehospital emergency medical care, ambulance transport to appropriate hospitals, and can facilitate speedy referrals to other Columbia resources. 

To request CU EMS in an emergency call 212-854-5555. For more information, visit the Columbia University EMS website or the Columbia Health site, or email [email protected].  

CUIMC students who require medical assistance can reach out to Students Health on Haven.  

In case of life-threatening emergencies, call 911 immediately or go directly to the nearest emergency room. 

CU EMS vehicle on College Walk