Situational Awareness Training

Campus safety at Columbia is a shared responsibility for all members of our community. The Department of Public Safety facilitates Situational Awareness training with the goal of bringing into focus our personal safety, which does not begin and end at school and work, but continues throughout our daily lives.

Situational Awareness applies to all situations, being aware of where you are, what is happening around you, alert to potential threats to your health and safety, and cognizant of emergency exits and other paths to safety.

The training discusses the Fight-or-Flight response, which activates when your mind processes threatening stimuli; how proper planning and preparation enable you to react to life-threatening or harmful events; and strategies and techniques that enhance your level of awareness.

You will learn:

  • How the Fight-or-Flight response affects your safety
  • How situational awareness can keep you safe
  • “What are the odds?” – being informed to focus on the potential dangers that are more likely than others to occur
  • Techniques to develop awareness
  • Personal safety resources
  • Run. Hide. Fight. – a nationally recognized training video to enhance your personal safety in emergency situations
Review the events calendar to register for an upcoming training, or schedule a training session with your department by emailing [email protected].

Please help us keep our community safe by being aware of your environment, and by quickly reporting suspicious activities.