Situational Awareness Training: May 19

May 14, 2021

Situational Awareness is a critical life skill and entails being aware of where you are, what is happening around you, being alert of potential threats to your health and safety, and being cognizant of emergency exits and other paths to safety.

Life can change in a New York minute. The city never sleeps, and neither should you when it comes to your safety. Mark your calendars for Public Safety's next Situational Awareness Training on Wednesday, 5/19, 12:00-1:00 PM ET. All are welcome to attend!

In this training, you will learn:     

  • How the Fight-or-Flight response affects your safety
  • How situational awareness can keep you safe
  • How to make informed and good decisions for your personal safety
  • Techniques to develop awareness
  • Personal safety resources available to you
  • Information about the "Run. Hide. Fight.' strategy for your personal safety in emergency situations

RSVP is required. After you complete your registration, you'll receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link, a password, and instructions for joining the event. Register here.

For questions or assistance registering, please email: [email protected].