Public Transportation and Your Personal Safety

February 17, 2022

Related to the issue of public transportation and your personal safety, Public Safety presents Safety and Security Tips for Public Transportation including practical steps you can take to protect yourself, as well as an update on resources provided by the University.

This topic is especially timely as we enter the final stage of the pandemic and resume our normal routines as residents of New York City. All of us who use the subway are aware of disturbing reports of incidents occurring at stations and in transit on subway cars, as part of a general uptick in crime. This is a moment to be vigilant in protecting yourself and also in taking a shared interest in the safety of classmates and colleagues. By practicing and sharing basic measures, we can strengthen the culture of public safety at Columbia.

We provide live safety awareness webinars to reinforce this guidance, for students and faculty/staff, respectively. Most importantly, please stay alert and be aware of your situation. Simple measures, such as making sure you know your complete subway or bus route before going somewhere, are valuable in protecting yourself. You also should become familiar with and make use of the resources Columbia offers, many of them available at

Follow the tips in this presentation to remain alert and aware of your surroundings when riding city subways and buses. Review our website to review crime prevention tips when taking subways or buses and familiarize yourself with Columbia’s transportation offerings to use your travel allows.