Update on Investigation of Incidents Reported in Connection with Friday’s Protest

January 21, 2024

The Department of Public Safety is investigating incidents reported in connection with Friday’s protest that are of great concern.

Public Safety received an initial complaint on Friday night, with additional complaints filed on Sunday.  The Department has been actively working with local and federal authorities in this investigation, with the NYPD taking a lead role.

While the investigation is proceeding, we continue to seek the university community’s support: Reporting is essential so that the proper authorities -- including the NYPD -- can track down the facts and take action as necessary.

It is important for people to come forward if they have any information, and we are grateful to the members of our community who already have.  For those in our community who feel in any way impacted, there are emotional support resources available to you 24/7: 

  • CUIMC students: Student Health on Haven offers support sessions, individual counseling, and support groups.  Call 212-305-3400 if you are experiencing high levels of distress and need immediate assistance.
  • In addition, please reach out to your Dean of Students as an additional resource for support.