Enhanced safety measures at the Morningside campus

April 21, 2024

Dear members of the Columbia community:

The safety and security of our Columbia community is paramount for all of us. The gathering of large crowds on campus and around the Morningside perimeter are causing considerable disruption and distress, and I am writing to outline additional resources to address these issues.

The new safety and security measures include: 

  • Increasing patrol strength to reach a total of 35 additional guards and two additional supervisors per shift - a total of 111 additional safety personnel. This will more than double the current safety personnel per shift. These resources will be available to the Columbia community to provide additional patrols of campus, more personnel for our campus escort service, and more staff at campus access points. 
  • Enhanced perimeter security staffed by additional private security personnel, which followed a complete review of the Morningside campus perimeter.
  • Improved ID checks at campus entry points with additional personnel to ensure the individual entering matches the photo on their CUID. 
  • Additional coverage at the Kraft Center during the Passover holiday.

Please remember that safety escorts are available to members of the Columbia community at any time of day. To request a safety escort, call (212) 854-2797. If there is an emergency on campus, look for a nearby officer or call (212) 854-5555. 

Current entry points to campus, limited to CUID holders, are at the north College Walk pedestrian gate at Amsterdam and 116th, Wien Gate on 116th between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive, and Earl Hall Gate at 117th and Broadway. All other campus gates are currently closed, including College Walk at Broadway and 116th Street. This access configuration is anticipated to remain in effect until conditions allow. 

CUID-only access to campus with limited campus entry points - a measure already in place - will remain in effect until further notice. 

We recognize these are extraordinarily challenging circumstances and these additional security measures are intended to increase the safety and security of the entire Columbia community.


Cas Holloway
Chief Operating Officer