Public Safety Recognition

Our entire Public Safety team is committed to our values of Pride, Professionalism, and Service and helping the members of our campus and surrounding communities. We recognize, highlight, and thank them for their professionalism and commitment.

Read about their outstanding service below:

After being notified about a missing minor, Officer Shanda Brown, Sergeants Linval Forrest, and Gregory Marrero were able to make a happy family reunion and avert a scary situation. Thank you! 
id photos of three public safety team members including one woman and two men

Noticing a trespasser in private University space, identifying a burglary suspect from a previous campus security alert, and responding quickly to a person in distress were among the good work that Officers Evans Gonzalez-Tejada, Emmanuel Joseph, and Jose Medina performed to receive Officer Recognitions. Thank you!
Officers of the Month november 2020

From protecting our campus community from fire, theft, and substance abuse, we recognize Officers Julian Wilkinson, Gerald Coley, Nairoby Pena, and Sergeant Joseph Braccia for their great work!
Officers Julian Wilkinson, Gerald Coley, Nairoby Pena and Sergeant Joseph Braccia


Skilled in non-violent crisis intervention and de-escalation, we recognize Officers Timothy Jaime and Ivan Bowen helping keep our campus property safe from theft, and Sergeant Edgars Trapps for assisting a non-affiliate who was endangering himself.
Officers Timothy Jaime and Ivan Bowen and Sergeant Edgars Trapps